Domestic Violence-Criminal

New York City and Long Island divorce attorney David Dikman started his career as a criminal prosecutor and continues to represent individuals in Criminal Court who have been charged with domestic violence related crimes. He has successfully tried cases in which the Defendant has been acquitted and exonerated of all charges.

Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Courts – We represent clients in all matters pending in Integrated Domestic Violence Court. This is a Court which was created in each county to avoid situations where the same parties have matters pending in two or three separate courts, as has been the case in the past where the same couple had a divorce case in Supreme Court, a family offense Order of Protection proceeding in Family Court, and one of them had been arrested and charged with a crime in Criminal Court.

domestic violence

These different cases have very different rules of procedure and law in each court. Every county has an integrated courtroom, usually located within the Supreme Court complex, wherein eligible matters are transferred in order to have one judge handle all matters involving the same people and eliminate the multitude of court dates the parties would otherwise have in three courts. Generally, the clerk’s office looks for eligible cases based upon their protocol. Cases often start in their customary courts, and the trigger for a possible transfer to the integrated court is after the arrest. The difference in each type of proceeding is preserved in the integrated court, which typically conducts business each day calling the “family court matter,” the “criminal matter,” and the “matrimonial matter” separately each time the parties appear in Court.