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Dikman & Dikman has developed three generations of experience, dating back to 1936 when the Hon. Leo Dikman, a former Family Court Judge in the City of New York, opened his law office in New York City on Jamaica Avenue in Queens County. Judge Dikman’s son, Michael Dikman, was a renowned practitioner in Matrimonial and Family Law until his death in 2018, after a long partnership with David S. Dikman, his son, spanning well more than two decades. David continues the tradition, hard work and perseverance.

Helping clients through difficult times in their lives is rewarding and meaningful. Dikman & Dikman is responsive and compassionate, and will have your best interests in mind. The firm handles all aspects of divorce and family law from simple uncontested divorces to high conflict and high-net-worth dissolutions involving extensive assets and complex child custody issues.

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Third Generation of Divorce & Family Law

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The goal is always to settle your case with a minimum amount of conflict and litigation through the use of negotiation, mediation, and settlement communication. Not all cases can be settled through negotiation. If not, the firm will zealously litigate your case and vigorously fight for your rights. David S. Dikman is an experienced trial attorney with a reputation for preparedness and excellence.

David S. Dikman will be sure you know your rights, understand the law, and possess the confidence which comes from having a seasoned litigator, advocate, and negotiator by your side throughout the process.

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