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Engaged? Planning a wedding?

Before your marriage, you should use Asset Protection Services to protect yourself and your assets. Regardless of how you feel now, relationships often change. Protect yourself in advance of your marriage and before it is too late. Think with your head, not your heart.

“An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.”

Many divorcing spouses have learned way too late that they could have protected their premarital assets, their inheritances, or gifts they received from parents during marriage, and have learned an extremely expensive, upsetting, and unnecessary lesson. Don’t let this be you, your son, or your daughter! Seek protection before marriage. Call now to speak with us and arrange a consultation.

You have probably heard of a “Prenuptial Agreement”. This is not the only answer!!! Requesting a prenuptial agreement can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic for many people to raise in their relationships. “I love you honey, sign here!” Attempting to finalize a prenuptial agreement can be a difficult and upsetting process for some, robbing romance from your relationship even before marriage. If you and your fiancé are amenable, Dikman & Dikman will help you prepare a prenuptial agreement designed to protect your premarital assets, secure assets you may acquire during your marriage, and will seek to minimize issues in case your marriage ends.

Prenuptial agreements are a useful tool, but have on occasion been thrown out and set aside by courts in New York for a variety of reasons. In all our years of practice, not a single prenuptial agreement prepared by our firm has ever been successfully challenged in court.

“I can’t bring myself to ask for a prenup.”

A prenuptial agreement is not the only way to protect assets. There are laws long established in New York that protect premarital assets even without a prenup. The problem is that most people don’t know what those laws are, and have no idea what is necessary to establish a right to retain a premarital asset, or a gift or inheritance obtained during marriage, in the event of a later divorce.

You should call today and ask for an asset protection consultation. Let us show you how to protect what you have, and to develop a strategy to use during your marriage that will serve you well if your marriage does not last an eternity. Contact our office to meet with a Brooklyn family lawyer who can tailor a plan to meet your individual needs.

Asset Protection issues often arise during marriage. Here are just a few examples of situations commonly occurring during marriage that we can explore with you to preserve your assets:

  • Should I use my premarital savings to buy a house with my spouse?
  • If my parents help me buy a house with my husband, will they get their money back?
  • Soon I will receive an inheritance, is it important how I hold the funds in case my marriage ends?

You owe it to yourself to seek information before you enter transactions you may later regret. Call Dikman & Dikman at 516-354-2526 today to speak with a trustworthy family lawyer about our asset protection services. We can assist you in securing your personal assets before marriage, during marriage, and during divorce.

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